Quality policy

The management of GEISA FABRICS, supporting itself in accordance with its basic declaration of a family business, conceives as a strategy the maintenance of a constant social commitment at a social level, in accordance with Spanish legislation, as well as the requirements of its workers and clients.

In keeping with the values ​​of GEISA FABRICS, we propose to be the first choice from our clients. The quality, the offer and the service of our products, together with their satisfaction, have a preferential status and it helps us to guide our objectives and activities.

GEISA FABRICS understands that quality is a priority in its performance and that therefore the effort has to be constant to maintain and progress at these levels. We work daily to reinforce the R & D & I activities of GEISA FABRICS by supporting the projects that are defined in the corresponding departments and in this way recognizing and fulfilling the requirements of our clients in advance, often developing joint solutions to retain them.

Along these lines, we establish as a priority commitment the continuous improvement of the quality of the processes as a result of our daily work. For this purpose, our actions will be aimed at:

  • The supply of quality products that meet the requirements of market standards and internal control plans of GEISA FABRICS.
  • Mark the leadership from the management of the company based on the delegation of responsibilities of the professionals in their positions.
  • Encourage teamwork, between departments, transmitting the values of GEISA FABRICS.
  • Promoting an innovative and customer-oriented business culture.
  • Continuous training as a guarantee of good service to customers.
  • The protection, safety and satisfaction of our collaborators, our clients and our environment.
  • Remain committed to the environment by manufacturing harmless fabrics from the human-ecological point of view.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system following ISO 9001: 2015.
  • Planning actions that allow managing the risks and opportunities of the company and its environment.

And comply with all legal and regulatory requirements that affect the activities and Services in the different areas of GEISA FABRICS management.

Albert Millán

Barcelona, September 7, 2023