3D fabrics

3D fabric, a technology on the rise, delivers volume, strength, protection and breathability, and is both light and comfortable at the same time. It is ideal for application in footwear, bedding material, upholstery, orthopaedics, occupational and safety clothing.

Geisa is renowned for its capacity to develop 3D fabrics adapted to its clients’ requirements. We boast latest-generation Karl Mayer electronic machinery that enables us to manufacture quickly and flexibly.

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Elastic fabrics

The basic properties of two-way elasticity and perfect recovery give our elastic fabrics the adaptability and comfort they need for specific uses. They are the best solution for clothes for dancing, skating, swimming, running and fitness and they are also used in making fashion wear and footwear manufacturing.

Our company produces an extensive range of elastic fabrics. Our rapid, heavy-duty and cutting-edge machinery enables us to offer an excellent stock service and competitive prices. We provide an extensive range of colours and offer the possibility of producing personalised colours on request by our clients.

Brushed fabrics

Brushing or combing to extract fibres from the warp and weft leads the fabric surface to be covered by a layer of pile. The fabric feels smooth when it comes into contact with the skin and provides thermal insulation. Moreover, our finishes guarantee the transmission of moisture. These properties make it perfect for sectors such as orthopaedics, sports and school uniforms and outfits.

Geisa places its extensive production capacity at the service of its clients and also commits to maintaining constant quality in the manufacture of this type of fabrics.

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