Quality policy

The Direction of GEISA FABRICS in support of its strategy defines the management policy of its commitments towards quality, following the quality system of the ISO 9001:2015 standards and the management by processes. In its quality policy GEISA FABRICS establishes that each of the services provided has as an objective to accomplish the customer’s satisfaction.

Interested on satisfying the market requirements and clients demands GEISA FABRICS in particular, has proposed to follow the requirements related to fabric quality produced by GEISA FABRICS, optimizing the delivery times and developing a fast logistics chain of response of the order requests.

GEISA FABRICS understands that quality is a priority in its performance and because of that its effort has to be constant to maintain and progress on those levels. Looking forward to strengthen the constant development of the company promotion and management of the activities of R+D+I is wanted to give support to projects that are defined in the correspondent departments. This process has as a final objective to develop new fabrics in an efficient way and with quality criteria to respond to the market needs and demands. At the same time the department of R+D+I is defined as a versatile point of exploration and new opportunity objectives.

To achieve these objectives the Board has committed to:

  • Provide advanced solutions to satisfy the needs of our clients that will allow us to be differentiated from other products already in the market by improving their competitiveness. Follow a reinforced development with innovation and constant technological investment and a continuous improvement of the process that together with our professional human team has allowed us to offer products with a high value adapted to the specific request of each client.
  • Establish the leadership from the Board based on the professional profiles of our team.
  • Help create a fluid internal and external communication policy.
  • Encourage the teamwork between departments transmitting the values from GEISA FABRICS through the example.
  • Constantly improve the efficiency of the quality management system following the ISO 9001:2015.
  • Plan actions that will allow the risk and opportunity management of the company and its environment.
  • Follow our compromises with the environment by producing harmless fabrics from a human-ecological point of view.

And achieve all the legal requirements and regulations that may affect our activities and services in different areas of the Management of GEISA FABRICS.

Toni Millan/Albert Millan

General Managers GEISA FABRICS