B-ECO, Geisa Fabrics’ recycled fabrics

Optimising resources contributes to the circular economy dynamics which seek to do away with the linear life of products as far as possible: they are manufactured, we use them and then throw them away (take-make-disposal). 

How can we promote the circular economy in our industry? By leveraging surplus or used textiles, we can obtain new yarns for fabric production. We call them recycled fabrics. Producing recycled products, unlike non-recycled fabrics, reduces the consumption of petrol-derived energy and raw materials, water consumption, the emission of greenhouse effect gases and waste generation.

Geisa manufactures the B-ECO range of recycled fabrics, which is comprised of six varieties: CAMILA B-ECO, FRIDA B-ECO, LLIVIA B-ECO, RED 441 B-ECO, RED PADUA B-ECO and VL 441 B-ECO

The B-ECO fabrics hold the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and GRS (Global Recycled Standard) international certifications that guarantee compliance with the applicable regulations in human and environmental safety matters, as well as recycling and traceability.